Custom made solutions

Being in the screening, sieving, filtration and dewatering business for more than 25 years, we know our applications inside out. Here’s a little overview of our product range:

Metal Wire mesh

The classic, versatile sieving and filtration tool used in countless applications. We can produce wire meshes in all sizes of openings and wire diameter and in a wide variety of materials.

Perforated sheets

Whatever the perforation pattern you need, in thin or thick sheets, we can help out. We have our very own milling machine to make tools that punch almost any perforation size and shape you want. And we are one of a few companies that can punch sheets with a thickness of up to 30mm.

Wedge wire

Looking for a specific dewatering application such as wedge wire? You have come to the right place.


Polyurethane modules are used for screening in the harshest conditions. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. We produce top quality modules with a high cut, tear and abrasion resistance. If conditions are really exceptional, we will gladly develop a customised solution.

Rescreening of screens and filters

Reusing screens and filters makes a lot of sense to reduce the waste and the delivery time. Therefore at Canal we can repair your used screens and filters by replacing the mesh or perforated plate.

Do you need advice or a tailor made solution for your project? Let Canal Engineers take care of it.