Whatever the type of mine or geological environment, we can come up with the most efficient solution that helps you get the job done.


Mineral comes in all types and sizes.
Every mine is therefore different and has its own requirements.

That is why we never hesitate to fly over, get our hands dirty and discover how we can help. From steel sheets that can cope with the heaviest boulders to screens that can filter the finest particles, we can always find a solution that works for you.

As veterans in the mining industry, we can offer big volumes at competitive prices. With the port of Antwerp at our doorstep, transport costs are low and delivery times limited.

Tools for any conditions

Finding the optimal separation technique in mining is tricky. Depending on the mineral, it requires different tools and types of material to screen. We can proudly say that throughout all those years and all those different mines, we have always found a right fit for our clients.

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