Whatever the size or goal of your machine, every little radar needs to fit to make it work. From building plans to production, we make sure our parts match.


Einstein once said “In theory, theory and practice are the same, in practice they are not.” The building plans for your machine might work perfectly on paper, but will they in reality? With our experience and knowledge of separation techniques we can advise you on the best possible solutions. And you will have a clear idea of costs and delivery times, right from the start.

From design to production, we are there to help your business every step of the way.

One of our solutions in machinery

Compressors are loud. They are deafening. Therefore, perforated tubes are often used insulated with a woven wire mesh sleeve to reduce the noise. We can deliver these tubes in different lengths, diameters, thicknesses, grades of stainless steel or plain steel and with different wire mesh openings, all depending on the set-up.

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