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Just as chemicals are present in all aspects of our lives, you can think of Canal for every phase of your separation process. That means lower costs, less administration and shorter delivery times.

Located near the Port of Antwerp, the heart of the chemical industry, we have been servicing companies in heavy chemicals, fertilizers, polymers and oil and gas for over 25 years. We have handled our share of big, complex projects.

Filtering up to the smallest particles

The finer granules need to be screened, the higher chances of the mesh becoming clogged. Among many other applications, we produce ultra-fine sieve meshes for melt filters that can separate particles up to 25 µ in industrial applications and even up to 15 µ in laboratories. This provides a seamless transition between the technologies of screening and filtration. These melt filters are typically used in the production of masterbatches, compounds and polymers.

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Consult our dedicated product brochure for the fertilizer business by clicking this download link. All of Canal’s separation media briefly explained, crystal clear in a nutshell.

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