Separation technique experts

For over 25 years we have been the market leader in separation techniques such as dewatering, sieving, screening and filtration helping industries of all sizes and domains all over the world. We combine technical knowledge with long experience in the field. We like to think beyond products. Finding solutions, that is our goal.


Whatever the size or goal of your machine, every little radar needs to fit to make it work. From building plans to production, we make sure our parts match.


The right separation solutions and partnership make for real chemistry. We can help you out in every step of the process.


The metal industry is tough. Fortunately, our parts are tougher. They are made from special materials built to last under these conditions.

Market leaders with 60+ years combined experience

Canal Engineers has been the market leader for more than 20 years in advisory and supply of separation technology for the mining, petrochemical, construction and food industry.

The filter leave

Canal manufactures spare filter leaves for vertical and horizontal pressure leave filters. As we master the complete manufacturing process, we can customize your filter leaves in order to increase their lifetime.

Recent cases

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What do our clients say

“Canal-engineers is our reference supplier of separation media solutions because of its thorough technical experience.”

Maintenance Engineer of a leading polymer production company

“Continue to provide the quality you have been providing.”

Purchaser of a leading phosphate mining company

Do you need advice or a tailor made solution for your project? Let Canal Engineers take care of it.